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Certificate - Best Perfomance East Africa 2022

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MPR Sliding door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators

MPR Pharmaceutical Refrigerators are specially designed to comply with pharmaceutical regulations. Exceptional temperature uniformity is paired with easy calibration access to meet critical validated storage regulations.
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VIP ECO Natural Refrigerants -86 ºC Freezers

The VIP ECO Freezers provide maximum sample storage capacity within an optimum footprint combined with natural refrigerants to minimise energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and save money.
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MCO 170 / 230 Litres │ New Multi-Functional Choice

PHCbi’s CO2 incubators are optimized for high-value samples including hard-to-grow and contamination-sensitive media/reagents.
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Automatic Linear Tissue Processor

All the operating parameters can be set by the easy-to-use colour touch screen.
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Histo-Line produce microtomes for high quality paraffin sections for H&E, IHC reliable and precise microtomes are designed to provide precision, control and comfort for each of them to get the most out of each block.
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Automatic Slide Stainer

Compact design and precision in staining, versatility, operator safety and maximum cleaning of the instrument.
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Vortex-Genie 2

Rugged and reliable, the ORIGINAL Vortex-Genie 2 is our most popular vortex mixer. Variable speed control allows high speed shaking or vortexing with tough metal housing. Supplied with 3 inch Platform (shown) and Pop-Off Cup.
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ULT Freezers

Molecular Platform

gelLITE Gel Documentation System

Our Partners

KH Medical is a manufacturer and supplier of Diagnostic Products with bases in Seoul, South Korea. Their healthcare solutions are designed with the need to improve the health care system of low- and middle-income Companies in mind. KH Medical produces a variety of products including COVID Detection kits, molecular diagnostic kits, and extraction kits. They are our number one partner for testing kits.

The cooperation which was formerly known as Panasonic Healthcare holdings is part of the wider Panasonic family famed for its high-quality electronic gadgets. PCBHi are specialists in the cold chain in scientific research fields. They are manufacturers of high-quality auto cleaves, Freezers, plant growth chambers, etc.

When it comes to electrophoresis, you are getting the real deal with Cleaver Scientific. The UK-based company prides itself in producing high specification, low-cost electrophoresis equipment. The products produced include DNA electrophoresis units, protein electrophoresis units, Electroblotters, Radiation protection, and Gel Documentation Equipment.

Histo Line Laboratories is another renowned lab equipment producer. It was founded in Milan, Italy in 1987. They specialize in making and distributing laboratory instruments. They provide a wide range of products and tools for the preparation of histological and biopsy samples i.e., human-animal tissue. This covers fixation, processing, inclusion, cutting, and staining of the slides. Histo Line supports wide spectrum diagnostics and research which includes immunohistochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, hematology, and veterinary medicine. This focuses mainly on the valorization of products like antibodies, hybridization, probes, detection systems, microspheres, and Nanoparticles.

Scientific Industry, Inc. is proudly the world’s leading manufacturer of Vortexing technologies. Having an experience of over 60 years now, they have been able to perfect the art of delivering quality scientific lab equipment. Their products are renowned for robustness, durability and ease of use. Apart from vortex mixers and shakers, Scientific Industry, Inc. also produces laboratory balances, magnetic stirrers, force gauges and bio processing equipment.

Equipment Repair & Maintenance Service

Advance Lab is your full-circle service provider in the lab equipment industry. Our job isn’t done after you purchase a product from us, we go ahead to provide full after-sale services. The team of technical and professional experts at Advanced Labs will offer free diagnosis of any faulty lab equipment on your premises. The technician will be in a good position to recommend the best possible ways to repair, service, and maintain the equipment. This is done in consideration of all the environmental factors present in each given location.

RADI COVID-19 Detection Kit

Fast result, easy to use and compact ! Get the result within 80 min for all suspected cases for 2019 novel coronavirus!

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